Author and Inspirational Fireside Speaker

I'm a Jewish convert to LDS. I owe my life to the Savior. Personal revelation tells me to facilitate understanding between the Jewish and the Mormon people. I speak to Latter-day Saint audiences to help them understand Jewish customs, religion, and the connections between Joseph and Judah. I will share with you:

I am the author of seven books, songs, a play, and several popular blogs on the similarities and differences between Mormons and Jews. My mission is to act as a messenger to the Saints about the importance of uniting these two cultures.

Saturday workshops are easy to set up and they've been received by very enthusiatic audiences. We discuss Judaic/Hebraic-LDS connections and foundations, helping you develop a better understanding of Judaism and your Jewish friends. Contact me for a Saturday workshop.

My workshops and fireside talks have inspired members and guests, strengthened faith in Christ, and enhanced appreciation for the comfort and guidance of the Holy Ghost. The more you understand about Judaism, the more you will appreciate the Restoration. To schedule a fireside, e-mail me at:

I recommend your interest in B'nai Shalom, Children of Peace, Org (Mormons and Jews), a social organization of Mormons who have Jewish lineage and Mormon friends who are interested in the culture. We have some 1200 members world wide, although most are in Utah due to friendlier media. Explore the site:, find the gathering location and details there. See the Facebook page:

A few items or sites for added exploration: