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Ward, stake or multi-stake, Single Adults, Institute, YSA, or RS conference

I'm a Jewish convert to LDS. I owe my life to the Savior. Personal revelation tells me to facilitate understanding between the Jewish and the Mormon people. I speak to Latter-day Saint audiences to help them understand Jewish customs, religion, and the connections between Joseph and Judah. I will share with you:

  • My Judaic upbringing
  • How five months of secluded studying LDS and Hebrew scriptures brought me a passionate testimony.
  • My deep love for the Savior to whom I dedicate my life.
  • Judaic connections to Mormonism: Hebrew roots of the LDS faith.

Saturday workshops are easy to set up and they've been received by very enthusiatic audiencesl. We discuss Judaic/Hebraic-LDS connections and foundations, and we help you develop a better understanding of Judaism. Contact me for a Saturday workshop.

I have been busy in my newly elected position of president of B'nai Shalom, Children of Peace, Org.

I was elected in April 2013 for a two year term, renewable for an additional two years. We are a social organization of Jewish Mormons, other Mormons and interested

Mormon friends who have Jewish lineage and/or through marriage. Our organization meets the Thursday just prior to General Conference weekend, each April and October. Our gathering is in Salt Lake's first stake (Salt Lake Stake Center). B'nai Shalom also has a Seattle chapter, organized in January 2014. Their gathering dates are also in April and October. Please click on for times, location, speaker, and other relevant information. The organization's Facebook page: B'nai Shalom LDS and Jewish. We have a Twitter address: BnaiShalomLDSJW.

My classes and fireside talks will inspire your group, strengthen your faith in Christ, and enhance your appreciation for the comfort and guidance of the Holy Ghost. The more you understand about Judaism, the more you will appreciate the Restoration.

The fireside is organized in a package with beautiful Hebrew music as a prelude and concludes with my own compositions. This has proven to be most effective dozens of times. I have written music which can with any program. Words: Spoken Psalm and Into His Rest. Audio Sample here.

To schedule a fireside, e-mail me at:

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