As published in Life Changing Testimonies of the Lord Jesus Christ.

My Testimony

Is it crazy to say that the conversion of a Jewish soul is the culmination of the wanderings of ancient Jews who followed Abraham and Moses out of hellish Egypt? My own family's ancestors lived as hunted animals in the wartime ghettos of Europe. They came looking for freedom but ended being herded like cattle across Germany in the killing boxcars. They endured bravely the stuffy, overloaded boats that bore them on the last leg of their Diaspora and brought them to a waiting America that they might worship in freedom.

       They came here also for me, that I, too, might worship in freedom. I carried with me their darkness, their unrelieved yearning for the light the full Gospel brings. My future would now be filled with the bright light of Christ and the further assurance that I was finally in his Church. In the sacred moments of baptism by one having true authority, then the laying on of hands for the reception of the gift of the Holy Ghost, it was made known to me that I had learned the ways of God at Jesus' feet! As a new Christian I would be required to follow him in all things as one of the many thousands of missionaries of the Restoration, to progress in my life's journey until that day when I should hopefully meet him again at that Bar of eternal judgement.

       There are souls who love the Lord with only a part of their being, seemingly in little need of spiritual nourishment. But to a Jew who loves God more than life and longs for the saving grace of a personal Savior and the guiding ministrations of the great Comforter, even the Holy Spirit, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the coming home, the bringing forward out of silent darkness into brilliant light truths that are saving and eternal. To me, this is the fulfillment of any life. The full Gospel contains all that anyone needs to know of Christ and his truth at the current time because Christ is its living head. It is a table spread before the faithful searcher, filled with survival food for the soul. It is, simply, the perfect feast.

       How I love my Savior! When I read the marvelous revelations given by him to the Prophet Joseph Smith I am filled with awe at Christ's great love for mankind. I am humbled by his love for me. Through latter day scripture which tells of his visit to the American continent where he reestablished his Gospel following his resurrection I found a great treasure of knowledge and wisdom. I eagerly listen to his unceasing communication through his living prophets today. I know that God's mercy toward us is unfailing. I know that after my death, if I am worthy I shall see Him again and renew our friendship.

      Jesus the Christ is my example of all things good. He is my brother. He helps me to leave a legacy to all the world through my testimony that he is the Christ who shed his blood for us that death and sin would be forever overcome. Through him I have learned that baptism by one having proper authority is the pathway to eternal life.