Notes of a Jewish Convert to the LDS Church

Several years ago I experienced a spiritual miracle. I had studied a long time to know finally, once and for all, what God had planned for me in this life.

Having been taught by missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I into deep study with fasting and prayer over many months to know the truth.

I was born and raised a Jew and I was loyal to those teachings. One day I stepped outside my room and was given an angelic witness that this Church is truly of God, restored again in these days, never to be taken from the earth. Truly it was the most wonderful experience possible. I knew all at once that I was no longer only a Jew but that I had become a witness of Christ. 

I have told my story personally in some 50 firesides and workshops and continue to be available. I believe it to be a missionary effort to convince the Jewish people that Jesus is the Christ and that the words of the ancient prophets predicted his birth, death and resurrection to the Jews, who would not hearken to their words.

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In This Book...

This is a record of my spiritual quest, from a respected faith that didn't have enough answers and over a dark part of my life, through a period of intense study, to a releasing of my soul and deep love of the Messiah. Two thousand copies, in several countries, have helped many others love Him more.

Many stories of Jewish life and customs help me to tell my story.

A Glossary of Hebrew terms is provided for readers who want to know more about essential themes, holidays and history of God’s Chosen people. Do not miss this unusual and fascinating book that took ten years to write.

What people say about it:

"May the Lord bless you in all your righteous endeavors." ....Joseph B. Wirthlin, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

"I love your book. You have a very important message to tell." " ....G. Conger, temple president.

"I cannot tell you how much I appreciate and value your book "Notes of a Jewish Convert…" Your story is one of the most inspiring and compelling that I've ever heard!" .... Desiree

"You, my dear, are indeed a Marvelous Work and a Wonder!" ....David Robins

"A truly moving account of the author's conversion from Judaism to the restored Gospel. Her story of inspiration and her amazing leap of faith should be read by every Mormon and every Jew!!" ....Jean Phelan

"I thoroughly enjoyed your books. May the Lord bless you in your writings and the sharing of your story." .... T. Graff

"Your books really made me see how blessed I am to be LDS and I felt the spirit when I read it. Thank you so much!" ....A. McKell

"I admire your enthusiasm, your conviction and most importantly your willingness to serve the Lord and spread the Gospel" ....Margaret D. Nadauld, Young Women General President

"Your book has deeply touched another person, my friend. She has found answers to some things that have been troubling her in her personal life. Your book seems to have been written specifically for some of us. I know that I was meant to find it and to learn from it." .... M. Mitchell

"I want to acknowledge receipt of your wonderful book. I read it immediately and was very impressed. Your book is bound to be a very powerful testimony to Jew and non-Jew alike, and I thank you again for my copy. I especially enjoyed reading the historical Jewish List of Appearances, and the Hebrew quotations… " ....B. Stockwell

"I just finished your book. I thought it was wonderful and inspirational. I'm a female Jewish convert as well and I'm married to a Jewish convert. I would love to meet you!" ....Amy