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Songs in the Spirit

A Collection of Essays, Short Stories & Poems

Three essays:

  • A Pilgrim's Progression
  • Toward a Perfect Union
  • Renewed in Mother Eve - Our Noble Legacy

Latter-day psalms:

  • A Child's Rhyme
  • Song of Renewal
  • Song of Inspiration
  • Song of Charity
  • Song of Redeeming Love
  • Song of Faith
  • Song of Repentance
  • Estimated Time of Arrival
  • Song of the Christ
  • ...and more

Voices Through The Veil -- Eleven Testimonies

  • Boundaries
  • Anythingspossible Penguin

Sheet music:

  • Into His Rest
  • Song of the Christ

What people are saying about Songs in the Spirit: "Very interesting, loved it, never say anything like that before." Jeff Lambson. "Loved the stories, couldn't wait to finish. You are a very good writer." - Kim Cooney.
from the essay A Pilgrim's Progress Chloride... may be gone from the map but it remains in the terrain of my mind in a curious way because it is where I first came hard to terms with the idea that people are meant to progresss in mortality through their experiences...
from the essay Toward a More Perfect Union Was he only repeating Mosaic Law with a new twist to impress the Jews? Did he come to earth as a man from the presence of God just to give us his message of peace through new philosophy? Did he teach that the Beatitudes as a handful of suggestions for better social living? His simple words were a clarion call to action and a profound statement of the eventualities so revelatory to our mundane existence that we will have to experience them to understand.
from the speech Renewed in Mother Eve My heart left within me. My God, I prayed, in awe of worlds opening to me, how can this be? I could not stop, not to eat, not to argue, not to do anything. I sat on the bed whole days and feasted upon the words of Christ and thought about myself as a woman with value, promise, a life outside the barn.