Songs in the Spirit

A Collection of Essays, Short Stories & Poems

Three essays:

Latter-day Psalms:

Voices Through The Veil - Eleven Testimonies


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From A Pilgrim's Progress, inside: Chloride... may be gone from the map but it remains in the terrain of my mind in a curious way because it is where I first came hard to terms with the idea that people are meant to progresss in mortality through their experiences...
From Toward a More Perfect Union, inside: Was he only repeating Mosaic Law with a new twist to impress the Jews? Did he come to earth as a man from the presence of God just to give us his message of peace through new philosophy? Did he teach that the Beatitudes as a handful of suggestions for better social living? His simple words were a clarion call to action and a profound statement of the eventualities so revelatory to our mundane existence that we will have to experience them to understand.
From the speech Renewed in Mother Eve, inside: My heart left within me. My God, I prayed, in awe of worlds opening to me, how can this be? I could not stop, not to eat, not to argue, not to do anything. I sat on the bed whole days and feasted upon the words of Christ and thought about myself as a woman with value, promise, a life outside the barn.

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"Loved the stories, couldn't wait to finish. You are a very good writer." - Kim Cooney.