Song of The Christ: a Spoken Psalm

by Marlena Tanya Muchnick and Gabriel Burgess, ©2001

This lovely poem leaves you with a deep feeling of peace, love of the Savior, and gratitude. It is a beautiful closing prayer song - for any gathering, or Church dance.

Lyrics below. Sheet music is available. All rights reserved by the authors.

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We are the children of our Christ
Lord of kings, only Begotten Son of God
Molded by Thy master hand
Deemed worthy of this hallowed land (1)
Followers of the gospel's iron rod.

To the course that rounds our lives
O Savior bring Thy timeless love
To we who live at Thy behest (2)
Thou ministers and proves our best.
Thou knows our lives, our faith, our home above.

Thou wast sent by He who formed thee
In the belly of a maid
She birthed thee in that humble room
So unlike the heav'nly womb (3)
Where death and sin dwell not, nor price be paid.

Thou came and died amongst our kind
But from that tomb, Thy cave of stone
Thou rose and took Thy life again (4)
Then walked among the sons of men.
That we might live new seeds of life were sown.(5)

O, Sower of eternal lives
Let us prepare a path for thee
Of spirits who will serve their Christ (6)
A bridge of love and sacrifice
Meet for Thy innocence and purity.

Give us this day Thy bread of life
The sacrament of broken crust
That it may lead us to our Feast
Of endless life (7), that e'en the least
Can know his King who reigns among the just.

O help me now, my precious Lord
To see again Thy radiant face
To bask forever in Thy light
Thy shield that crushed the heel of night (8)
Before the awesome bounty of Thy perfect grace.
Before the awesome bounty of Thy perfect grace.

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